7 Must-haves for a home page that converts.

Your home page is the first thing new visitors to your website will likely see. You’ll have just a few seconds to convince them to stay and explore your offerings, so a well thought out home page is a MUST if you want to convert visitors into clients or customers.

These are the seven elements every effective homepage should have.

 7 Must haves for a home page that converts. | Bravebird Blog

1. Write an alluring headline.

Start with a killer headline that lets visitors know right out of the gate how you will add benefit to their lives. Think about your ideal client and what problem they have that you solve and communicate that in a concise, engaging headline.

Make it larger than all of your other text. Put it in a bold font or contrasting color. Whatever it takes for it to stand out and catch your visitor's attention.

On the Elle & Co. website below, Lauren Hooker does this on her homepage using a clean, clear headline. Simple but effective. You know just what she offers and what you will potentially get by using her resources.


People have very little time to waste so make it easy for them to know that they are in the right place and that you are there to make their life easier or better with what you offer.


2. Describe who you help and how.

Make it crystal clear from the beginning who you serve. This will establish a connection with your ideal client and let her know she’s found a good fit.

Readers want to know that you understand them, their pain points, and how to help them. Be specific and authentic when writing your copy and keep referring back to your ideal client's needs.


3. Communicate the benefits of working with you.

Again, get specific here! Write out in detail what clients can expect to gain from buying your product or service. Let them know you understand their frustrations and you’ve designed the perfect solution.

Get visitors excited about working with you by communicating what their life will look like after they have worked with you.


4. Include a call-to-action.

Help your visitors know exactly where you’d like them to go or what you’d like them to do while on your website by giving clear calls-to-action. You never want to leave a potential client guessing what to do next because you run the risk of them getting confused or bored and leaving your website. 

Do you want people to head over to your services page after exploring your home page? Put a clear link, or better yet a button, to steer them to the next page you’d like them to read.


5. Give social proof.

There’s nothing like the power of a great testimonial to show you are legit and know your stuff. You can talk all day about how amazing your service or product is, but if someone else says so it carries A LOT more weight.

Call them testimonials, rave reviews, kinds words...whatever fits your brand best. But make sure to include some on your home page.


6. Show and tell who you are.

Have you ever gone to a website and there was no photo anywhere of the owner or team behind the business? I find it a little off putting and get kind of skeptical when they don’t include any photos of themselves.

Adding a photo of yourself on your home page (and elsewhere on your website) is another way to establish rapport and connection with your dream clients. In reality, “People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” -Simon Sinek.

Below, Nesha Woolery displays a cheery, smiling photo of herself on her homepage. She also communicates that she understands her clients needs and the problems they face.


Sharing yourself by writing about who you are and including a photo helps people understand your "why" and can instantly help your website visitors start forming a connection with you.


7. Create an opt-in.

An opt-in is a form that allows your visitors to sign up or “opt in” to your mailing list or newsletter. Ideally, you will have an opt-in in multiple places on your website, but your home page is one of the most important since it is one of the most visited pages on your website.

You can simply encourage people to sign up by saying that they will stay informed with what you are up to or get notifications of new blog posts. But you can also entice them by offering something in return for signing up. Consider offering a checklist, freebie, workbook, or even a discount to encourage visitors to join your mailing list.


Most of us have websites because we are running a business and we intend to book clients and sell our services or products. By including these crucial elements on your website's home page, you are ensuring that your are making a connection and building trust with your visitor so that ultimately they will choose you when they need what you offer.


Are there any other elements you have found to be effective on your home page? Please share them in the comments.


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