How to add Google Analytics to your Squarespace website in under 15 minutes.

You’ve launched a gorgeous new Squarespace website and you’re excited to watch it’s audience grow. While Squarespace supplies data about your web traffic, they don’t give you as much information about how people are interacting with your website as Google Analytics does.

After I finish designing a Squarespace website for a client, I give them a tutorial of the Squarespace interface so that they can make updates and edits, and then I send them on their way. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time to cover everything regarding SEO and Google Analytics, so I wrote this post for them and for all of you out there with Squarespace websites who want to increase and track your website traffic.

Wondering why you even need Google Analytics to analyze your website traffic? Because then you can target who your audience is and create content they are most interested in, as well as post that content when they are most active on your website.

Read on to find out how you can connect Google Analytics to your Squarespace website in a matter of minutes.

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 How to add Google Analytics to your Squarespace website in under 15 minutes. | Bravebird Blog

Sign up for a Google Analytics account.

Head over to the Google Analytics website and scroll down to click “SIGN UP FOR FREE”.


Sign in to your Google account (you’ve got one of those, right?).

Click the ADMIN menu (it’s the one with the little gear icon). From there, under the PROPERTY column, click “Tracking Code” in the “Tracking Info” section.


Locate your Tracking ID. It starts with UA followed by ten numbers and is displayed prominently at the top.


Copy this Google Analytics ID number to your clipboard and move on to the next step.


Connect your Google Analytics account to your Squarespace website.

Now that you have a Google Analytics ID, you’re ready to connect it to Squarespace.

Go to your Squarespace account Home. Click Settings > Advanced > External Services. Paste the Google Analytics ID in the field that says GOOGLE ANALYTICS ACCOUNT NUMBER.


Click SAVE. That’s it! Your Squarespace website is now connected to Google Analytics.

Keep in mind, your data may take a day or two to start showing up, but soon you’ll be able to see a bunch of helpful data about your users and their engagement on your website.


Exclude your IP address from your Google Analytics data.

Now that you’ve set up Google Analytics, you’ll probably want to exclude your own IP address from your data. You might visit your website often, especially in the beginning, and that can skew your data. By excluding your IP address you'll get an accurate representation of the number of visitors to your website.

To exlude your IP address from Google Analytics, start by finding out what your IP address is. Do a Google search for “find my IP address” and it should pop up right at the top of the results page. Select and copy the IP address. Easy huh?

Next, go to the ADMIN menu in Google Analytics again and in the ACCOUNT column, click “All Filters”.

Click the red button that says +ADD FILTER.


In the “Filter Name” field, choose a name for your filter. Something like “My IP address” would be appropriate.

Under “Filter Type” keep the default “Predefined”.

In the “Select filter type” dropdown menu, choose “Exclude”.

In the “Select source or desitination” dropdown menu, choose “traffic from the IP addresses”. Paste your IP address in the corresponding field.

In the “Select expression” dropdown menu, choose “that are equal to”.


Finally, you’ll be at the “Apply Filter to Views” section. Click on “All Web Site Data” under “Available Views”. Then click "Add" to move it to the right to the “Selected Views” box.


Hit Save and you’re done. Again, this can take around 24 hours to go into effect, but when it does Google will no longer count traffic coming from your IP address in your website traffic data.

In the future, I’ll write a post to explain how to read and understand your Google Analytics data. Stay tuned!


I hope this showed you how easy it is to connect Google Analytics to your Squarespace website. Has Google Analytics helped you understand your audience better?


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